Coastal by House of Gruzlewski is a water based, unique style of nail paint that has been inspired by the coastal beaches of Australia. Giving back through coastal conservation.

Gold Coast single mother Rachael Gruzlewski has developed a nail polish that has less toxins than other rival brands currently on the market. The eco nail polish does not release volatile solvents like acetone. It’s vegan and cruelty free. Australian made and owned.

This unique formula is peel off, so there are no toxic nail polish removers or thinners required. It doesn’t strip the natural oils from the skin. It retains moisture and your own natural oils and therefore is non damaging to the natural nail or cuticle. There is no chemical smell and is 10 free.


The water based peel off polish lasts a few days if you follow instructions or you can remove anytime. This nail polish forms an elastic film that is easy to peel off without leaving a stain in your nail bed and cuticles like polishes can. It doesn’t require a toxic messy nail polish remover that usually spread the unwanted polish all over your skin leaving a stain. Because of this unique peel off technology this nail polish is ideal for todays fast past lifestyle. as you can simply splash the polish on and dash to your event and then its so versatile that you can peel it off and apply a different colour to match your different outfit. A light pink for work and a red for evening in a matter of minutes.  

The gel lasts a few weeks. It's high, doesn't need a bottom coat or a top coat and under a good machine dries in 30seconds with no tacky layer after treatment. Again no HEMA no toxic smell and eco.


Coastal by house of Gruzlewski has no preservatives and no toxic benzonphenone, its less toxic and more hydrating and wont stink out a room so you can apply your polish without the dreaded fumes and gasps from people near by.


If you do get a chip or your nail polish starts to flake you can simply remove that one finger and reapply without having to do your entire hand. Carry the polish in your handbag and just peel off and reapply without any fuss. No need to carry remover, cotton buds and then wipes because your polish has made a mess over your other fingers and cuticles.

Just Splash and Dash with Coastal by House of Gruzlewski water based, unique Nail paint technology.


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Hi Everyone..

Just a quick note...

Please remember my nail paints aren't your typical polish. Just like veggies in a veggie garden no two of my polishes are the same as I hand make and pour each bottle so the colour and texture may vary slightly.

My Australian made nail paints are however eco and water based and have no nasty chemical smell and they are made with love from me to you ❤️

I hope you like my first collection. I have just slightly changed the formulation with the next batch of colours and they tend to dry and stay on a little longer than which is exciting.

I'm Always learning and trying to better my nail paints and I'm offering my customers a healthier alternative. Thank you so much for supporting me! I welcome feedback and opportunities so please drop me a line.

Health, happiness & success to you all my friends.


Rachael Gruzlewski