What to Wear to a Coastal Chic-Themed Wedding?

Many couples opt to have beach weddings these days, and this is probably because the oceans have something to do with their love story. Or, they would just want to have an intimate and simple celebration with family and friends that would go straight to happy hours on the coastline. But when you get an invitation to attend a beach wedding, would you know exactly what to wear to it? 

Coastal chic is often the term used to describe the attire to beach weddings. Chic comes from the French term 'chique' which is a slang for classy.  Coastal, on the other hand, does not necessarily mean that you are dressing up to go swimming at the ceremony. So go for an outfit that has a perfect balance of something that you can comfortably wear on the beach that matches the solemn ceremony. Nothing too fancy like the suit and ties and lacy long gowns we see in church weddings. 


It is safe to wear dresses that are free-flowing and airy – say, a maxi dress that is very fitting to a beach setting. Make sure that you feel comfortable with what you wear considering the varied grounds that you are about to step on. And since the wind may be strong, long skirts are essential to keep you from exposing skin unexpectedly. Your other options include flowy sundresses, pashmina, square pants and other dresses with lightweight fabric. 

maxi dress beach 1.jpg


Flower and leaf prints are also dominant in this kind of theme. But you can also wear something plain in neutral or pastel colours depending on the motif set by the couple. For a more sophisticated look, flowy dresses with block prints can do the trick. When you wear heavily-printed dresses, remember to keep your accessories low key.  Maybe instead of fancy rings, accessorise using your nails. Colour them matching the wedding motif or your beach sandals. Wearing a beach hat is also acceptable, since the sun will be up most of the time during the ceremony. 

Leaf print dress.jpg

The main point of a coastal chic outfit is laid back while still being classy from sun up to sun down. There are a ton of options available for you, but your top priority should be your comfort and freedom to move around to greet the happy couple and the guests, too.